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    I write a mixture of stories, some more adventure/fantasy based but many stories I write are harder edged; i.e. rape and violence and character deaths. Not all are like that but many are. Consider yourself warned and read at your own risk! These are fantasy stories and that is all they are. I condone nor propose any of this stuff in real life. I tend to focus on TV show's and movies for my characters as opposed to video games and other sources. I also like cross-overs where a bunch of characters from different stories interact. A particularly fun theme in my stories are powerful, smug, or bitchy female characters getting their comeuppance. I always enjoy feedback and would ask that if you read a story you leave some or email me (dbud900@yahoo.com). I don't even mind negative feedback if you don't like something as long as it is not nasty (people can disagree without name calling after all). But, I clearly mark the stories with Rape or Snuff or Character Deaths as such. So, if you read a story that has these codes, please don't then review them saying you didn't like it for that reason. Saying you didn't think it was well written or would have liked a different plot is one thing, but reading a story clearly marked 'Rape' and then whining because you don't like rape fics is stupid.

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