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    Welcome to the wonderful domain of The Pairing Guy. (cue cymbals crashing) I have four fics up right now, mostly in the Golden Sun section. Enjoy, and don't forget to place reviews - not just for my fics, but for all the ones you read! Think about it: If authors look in a section and see the fics are loaded with reviews, you KNOW that will make them want to write a few more fics for that section. If you want to contact me for any reason, my e-mail is [my penname] at hotmail dot com. I write it that way to avoid spambots... just insert dashes between the three words of my penname and use the symbols for "at" and "dot". Alternatively, I am registered on the forums, so feel free to drop me a PM! The difficulty with is that it's hard to know exactly what kind of sex scenes you'll be seeing in a story. Thus, I am instituting in each of my stories an index at the beginning, listing what sex scenes are found in each chapter and labeling each by gender count(M/F, M/M, M/M/F, etc.) and explicitness. Know ye these, The Pairing Guy's official explicitness ratings: 0=No details (example: "Lila flicked off the light and pulled John on top of her.") 1=Non-detailed, non-graphic (example: "John enjoyed a good blow job that night, and returned the favor by bringing Lila to a solid orgasm.") 2=Detailed, non-graphic (example: "John and Lila took off their clothes and Lila turned off the light. John proceeded to work her breasts, but Lila soon stopped him so she could deliver a blow job. When she was done, John...[yadda yadda]") 3=Non-detailed, graphic (example: "John recalled her warm soft lips slopping over his cock, teasing it with her slick tongue, sucking him until he spewed out with abandon.") 4=Detailed, graphic (example: [Same as 2, but with the explicitness of 3.])

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