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    Hi, and thank you for visiting my profile! I'd stop and chat but I'm really busy. You see, I read all this great fan fiction, and I decided I wanted to write great fan fiction, too. I wanted to see those hit points go up, and read those glowing words of praise from my reviewers. Nothing would make me happier.

    There was just one tiny problem. Writing is really hard work! I had no idea just how hard it was, until I was staring at that blank screen in front of me. I'd type a few words, and then nothing, until I had a moment of sheer genius. What if I found a story that was published somewhere else? I could copy it, and change the names a bit, and maybe a new title. Who'd know? Brilliant, right?

    Well, alright, so technically, it's plagiarism, and technically I'm stealing hard work done by someone else and passing it off as my own. It's not that big a deal, is it? It is?

    Well, crap. Now I get to join the rest of the members of the Hall of Shame, people whose egos far outweigh their talent, and whose lack of scruples has earned them well-deserved loathing. I guess I'll just have to be another bottom-crawling lowlife again.

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