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    I only really wright yaoi, I'm female currently 26, live in the united kingdom aka England. I love to paint not professional at it, its my hobby. but more than anything I love to wright. I also play male charictors in rp. The charictor that most offten turns up oc in my stories is Renay Deatheye or Dorian who is in many ways renay without some of his more unuseual quality's. I like to watch anime but I'm more of a gaming fan, rpg's and dynasty warriors, I'm a big Final fantasy fan, so far as to say I have a FF charictor tattooed to my left arm. I may add some fan fictions on ff8 soon. I have been suffering writer's block for a while so Slave my first posted story on AFF is really me trying to get over my block. I love all things vampire so many of my charictors have vampiric characteristics in them or are mixed race with vampires, renay being A Stanian witch is a breed all of its own you may come to know better in the future, Wouldnt want to give anything away, that spoils the storys ne? - well im now working again on slave im soo sorry its taken me so long, but as you know real life issues can get in the way and i get a lot of prar roleplays to replay to allong with my art and painting i havent had the time nore the insperation but i now feel inspired so i hope your not all too mad at me for my long absence.

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