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    I've been a writer for 5 years and I have almost 40 stories posted. Only some of my fics are here in this site. If you're interested in stories that may not have a mature content, I have a profile, I'm Vovo there too. I also have a new AO3 account (Vovô and President).  I'm writing for FF8 and Dynasty Warriors at the moment, but I have interest in some other games. 

    There was a moment when I thought about giving up and stop writing. I realized that, in general, people didn't have much interest in the stories that I thought that were my best. The first blow to my confidence started with the low rating of one fic that it's not my best, but has most of the elements that are important for my writing style, something like my core as a writer. I'm still trying to figure out why it has a low rating, if it's the lack of sex, the English that wasn't perfect or something else. I thought about deleting Company in Hell, but I decided to leave it there. Then there was Everlasting Moment, that I wrote very carefully and I did my best, but it didn't have a very good reception in the beginning. Then I started to doubt my abilities in writing for FF8. I think that From Now On and Luck on His Side have flaws. I was not so harsh on myself when I was writing From Now On because it was my first multi-chapter fic in English, so it was a lot longer than a one-shot and I was in the middle of the process of learning this language. But I asked more of myself while I was writing Luck on His Side and it made me a lot frustrated. It started as a story I was writing just for fun, I don't know when it changed. So after one year or so, these feelings started to affect the other things that I was writing, and I thought about giving up completely, stop writing everything. It was then that I received a few precious support and I decided to keep writing.  So I decided to write as best I could and one day write my original work.

    Wish me luck.

    If you want to contact me: idoso_radical (hotmail),  vovogp (LiveJournal), 

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