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    My name's Lanie. My favorite pairing is SasuNaru, with RikuSora a close second. I have stories here, on and also on under the penname Lanies_Kitsune (though I haven't posted on there in a long time; there is a problem with the site and it won't allow me to upload any chapters). I'm a beta on for several authors as well as an author myself.

    As of 10/13/2013 I decided to no longer write, I've been struggling with writer's block for well over a year and it wasn't my first battle with it. I will continue being a beta (on and mainly I'll just be reading and reviewing stories.

    Note: More Than Meets The Eye has been adopted by x-psychicfire-x on, her profile is, she already has a new chapter up, check it out if you'd like to see how the story continues.



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