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    Oh boy, I'm back in a whole new skin now!

    2011 really did a number on my life and 2012 is only gonna be better. WITH MORE SMUT. I even changed my pen name! I guess it has to happen every century. So why the name change? UH MY LOVE FOR BOYBANDS. And most of all, boyband smut. Bring on the M/M pairings! I still wander around the Final Fantasy section, but right now my fandom craze has shifted for the time being. I'll be back though someday. I'll sometimes wander around the Originals section for some stuff to really let my mind wander on.

    BUT... I have recently become united with my NKOTBSB obsession and have taken it upon myself to slash the hell of em! and Big Time Rush. And other boybands I <3 :3 Just for the record, I'm a DANNY girl! :D Other guilty pleasures: Shota, Non-Con, Minor, and BDSM, and anything with blood! The rougher the better it keeps me entertained. If you're interested in chatting some or some personal conversation or just making a new friend, feel free to add my Facebook or tweet me for most recent updates too! I chirp live fanfiction goodness on twitter, so go for it!

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