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    I have the same birthday (not year) as Johnny Depp AND Itachi Uchiha WHOO LUCKY ME I lubs my perverted friends Yuya and WannaBe we all share a magical closet that contains Bya and Kenny (Bleach) Alucard (Hellsing) Kakashi (Naruto) and L is hidden in there somewhere also (Deathnote) FEARS: Clowns and furry spiders, (SPIDERS SHOULD NOT BE FURRY) LUBS: As previously mentioned I lubs Yuya and WannaBe, I lub my beautiful cat Miss Boots, My mummy, my sisters (all 5 of them) and my (9) nieces and nephews I LUBS MY NANNA SO MUCH (She has cancer for the third time and is going in for surgery on the 29th, GOOD LUCK NANNA) HATES: FLAMERS!!! People who needlessly attack my friends. AND the fact that I'm a crap speller, but you'll soon see that for yourself lol FAVS: Naruto, Hellsing, Bleach, Death Note, SweetYuya's stories, WannaBe's stories and GREAT REVIEWS WILL NOT TOLERATE: People telling me my stuff is **** without saying why OR people telling me that my spelling is bad and my grammar horrible but in harsh ways. ALSO I AM A REVIEW WHORE (lol some chick thought my story was crap and called me a review whore. I cried lol) SO If you don't like my stories then don't read or review please If you find my stories childish and my characters OOC then I'm sorry but the reason so many are OOC is because this is MY take on how they would react in strange situations. PLEASE BE NICE AND I'LL BE NICE BACK ALL THE BEST -Yuya's perverted partner in crime- -WannaBe's stalker fangirl- Angil
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