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    Here's a quick guide to most of my stories here on AFF.N I'm writing a growing a series of Death Note stories, so here's the order to read them in! Death and Note ---------------------- Law and Right (L x Light) (25 Chapters) (Complete) Truth and Justice (L x Light) (19 Chapters) (Complete) Motive and Mayhem (Matt x Mello) (16 Chapters) (Complete) Hell and Healing (Mello-centric) (11 Chapters) (Complete) * Near or Far (Matt x Mello) (9 Chapters) (Complete) Serve and Protect (Near-centric) (9 Chapters) (Complete) Far and Wide (Near or Far Part II) (3+ Chapters) (In Progress) Resuscitation and Recovery (Serve and Protect Part II) (In Planning) End and Game (L x Light) (In Planning) * NOTE: This has been moved from 'Death Note > General' to 'Death Note > Yaoi-Male/Male'.

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