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    If you don't like strange people or dogs, you probably won't like me. (I patterned my personality after my dog when I was little, so I turned out quite strange indeed. Of course, the dog had his quirks too.) I'm a tomboy with an often inappropriate sense of humor, and when in person I tend towards brutal honesty and have no tact. For some reason, this creates a lot of misunderstandings between myself and others, particularly my father. (I don't understand why, but it happens.) However, I also have a habit (deliberately cultivated for my own amusement) of circular logic/arguments, the better to confuse people and watch their reactions. I apologize if I do this to anyone here; mostly this trait shows itself for friends and family only, because I trust them to tell me when I'm taking things too far. (Because sometimes we all do.)

    I also have an account on AO3, same username. I have not posted my original works there yet, however, and am unsure as to whether or not I will.

    "Hell is other people." - Jean Paul Sartre

    *Especially if they don't communicate.

    And here are some of my favorite book/video game quotes:

    Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

    "Idiot. Know your enemy before you strike the first blow." -Cliff Fittir

    "You're as safe as a turtle in its shell." -Cliff Fittir
    "A turtle dropping out of orbit." -Fayt Leingod

    "There's no point in getting all excited. The lucky survive, and the unlucky die." -Albel "The Wicked" Nox

    "Whether we're real or not, let's not mope about it. You're pathetic." -Albel to Fayt, upon finding out they're characters in a video game (an amusing twist for a video game, lol)

    "An ambush? That's what you think." -Albel Nox

    "I don't care how many maggots you've got. I'll crush them all." -Albel Nox

    The Sapphire Rose: by David Eddings

    "There's not much profit in randomly rendering relatives down to dog meat, is there?" -Stragen
    "That depends on your definition of profit." -Sparhawk

    The Death of the Necromancer: by Martha Wells

    "I have a plan." This was true. "I just don't know whether it will actually work or not." This, unfortunately, was also true. - p. 322

    "Perhaps we can find another horror for you to fight at a more convenient time." - p. 183

    Nicholas was too tired to curse Fate at the moment. He would have to remember to do it later. -p. 191

    Paths Not Taken: by Simon R. Green

    "This place is bound to be packed with all kinds of people you detest the most. I'm sure you'll find someone worth upsetting in some thoroughly appalling and vindictive way."

    Pale Demon: by Kim Harrison

    "You could have jumped me there at any time?" Trent said hotly.
    "Yeah," Jenks said, voice muffled from the brownie. "You just click your heels and think there's no place like being pwned."

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