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    Hey everyone, this is Ane. I'm not a really big fanfic writer but i want to try to become one. I mostly just write underappreciated couples. Well, except for KakaIru, everyone has to love KakaIru. I normally write Yaoi, if you see a story from me it will be Yaoi, if it's not, well it'll be a surprise to all of us. My Favorite couples are: Bleach IkkakuKira Yeah, i know wierd but i love these two together. ShuuheiUkitake I just found this one and i absolutly love it RenjiIshida Naruto KakaIru GenmaIrukaRaidou I just love these three together, they are so awesome NaruSai Wierd but i think you getting that from me by now Well, thats most of them, i have a couple odd couples from other Animes but i wont put them up there till i write them, thanks for reading!!! TO SEE ALL OF MY STORIES!!! Go here

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