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    1/15/2017 ~ Wow, it's been about 2.5 years since I updated my bio. I'm still slowly working on a few stories and writing oneshots here and there. A big thanks to the readers who keep coming back as well as new readers who take a chance. I treasure every review, they keep me going.

    Note: I think as a writer I've improved since my first fic. If you read my older stories, please overlook cheesy characters, typos, awkward sentence structure, poor plots, and the over use of commas.

    *Story Status*

    Main Stories
    Not the Stock in Stockholm:
    Last Updated 11/27/2016
    5th chapter not started

    10/100 Prompt Oneshot Challenge
    Thread: http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/topic/6511-erotic-word-prompt-challange/

    1. Chocolate - Chocolate Bunny
    2, 3. Hot/Heat - Hot Company
    4, 5. Emotion/Passion - Paint Me Emotion
    6. Nails - Getting Nailed
    7. Black - Dream a Little Dream Ch1
    8, 9, 12. Whipped/Cream/Chains - Dream a Little Dream Ch2

    Dream a Little Dream - 3rd chapter 15% done
    Finders Keepers - 2nd chapter not started
    Prompt 10, 11. Thick/Hard - Untitled Oneshot, 15% done

    Back Burner
    Praying to the Porcelain God - Last Updated 11/27/2011
    Eden's Eclipse - 43% done - Last Updated 4/24/2010
    Heaven Isn't So Far - 40% done - Last Updated 8/15/2009

    Permenant Hiatus
    Please Take Me. . .Out Tonight
    Shaken Up

    *Now a little about me*

    I am a huge AFF addict. I adore slash/yaoi/boy love/man-on-man-action. M/M to the max. I've found several sites, but this is still my favorite. I read tons of stories here, and fall in love with more authors, characters and stories every day.

    Bring on the yummy lemony goodness! The humor and LOL! The drama, breakups and makeups! The fluffy cute interactions as well as the tough love! The malemale smutty deliciousness paired with happy endings! My favorite section on AFF has got to be the originals. I'm also really into Harry Potter (Draco/Harry FTW)! As well as: FF8 (Seifer/Squall), FF7 (Sephiroth/Cloud), Inuyasha (Sesshom/Inuya, Sessho/Miroku, Seesho/Naruku), Prince of Tennis, Ouran High Host Club, Gakuen Heaven, Kyou Kara Maou, etc. I like to read outside of yaoi, fanfiction, and the internet too. I love a good book/novel/series, leaning towards; fiction, fantasy, sci-fic, and romance.

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