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    Hullo, I'm Rue Ryuuzaki, a.k.a Rue-chan, a.k.a Rue, a.k.a ...whatever the hell you wanna call me. Well, let's get on with this Bio-thingy, shall we? We're gonna rip the bandaid off fast! And yes, I did just compare my personal information to a small, oval-ish shaped bandage. Problem? Good. Some Stuff About Me That's Interesting (No Promises On The 'Interesting' Part) I'm a teenage (18) girl that lives in the south of the America (but not South America, the USA) and I'm sarcastic as fuck, and I cuss like a sailor...if that somehow escaped your attention. :P I'm actually a fairly nice person (I think) but I'm antisocial. Seriously, look up 'recluse' in the dictionary and there my picture will be. Okay, not so seriously. Don't look. I look horrible in pictures. o_O I'm a bisexual athiest who adores Yaoi, Yuri and just about anything that isn't conventional. -Shrug- What can I say? I like to push limits. I like dark humor, a LOT, and I got a hella temper, if you push the right buttons. Not that I'm a machine, or anything -cough -. Angst is love, as is any music by Voltaire. Manga and Anime is my current obssession, especially Death Note. I am passionately in love with Beyond Birthday (hence the Penname), Light/Raito Yagami, L, Matt and Near. Mello's cool too, but he's not a favorite. Along with Teru Mikami, Matsuda, Watari and Soichiro. My favorite pairing is L/Light (in that order) and BB/Light and BB/L are pretty high up, and I don't mind Matt/Mello and Matt/Near, although I won't write them. I'm a bad reviewer, I don't do it enough, and I'm so, so, so sorry about it. -dies of shame-...-is revived - But yes. It's mainly because I want to give long ones, and most chapters aren't long enough to give good, long reviews for. I love writing more than breathing, sleeping and eating. Like I said before, I'm very antisocial, and while I'm not a mean person, there are very few people I really connect with. So basically I'd rather write about other people's lives than live my own. Hopefully, if you're reading this, I haven't bored you to tears. :) I hope you'll enjoy my stories. -- Rue

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