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    Contrary to what my first story will be, I *do* usually write Yaoi. However, I also enjoy both het and yuri. One of the perks of being bisexual is that gender dosen't limit your yummies. My main fandoms will probablly be Ouran, Death Note (if I ever get the guts to try), Fruits Basket, and Eventually DNAngel. Well...those will be my main anime fandoms, anyway. I'm also probablly gonna post some random stuff for old TV shows 'cause, I'm sorry, a lot of old TV shows have stuff that, to a crazy fangirl like me, smacks a little much of yaoi. So... I've been reading here for several months now, and am only now getting arround to posting a story. A few writing classes are kinda getting me up off my butt and working on stuff, though...I don't think much of the stuff I do for class will find its way here...I don't know.

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