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    If the only reason you're here is to look at some of my stories, then totally ignore my profile and get to it. However, if you actually give a damn about what I have to say, then by all means continue reading. And feel free to send me a PM. Most likely, I'll message back :D Alright, so here's the basic lay down gents and ladies. I'm a psychotic 19 year old who's been told often enough she might as well get a sex change and who worships mother nature, the elements and spirits. My family, that I care for anyway, consists of a dad, stepmom, and half sister whom I all adore. I write fanfiction both to pass the time and because it pleases me, as well as all of you lovely people who've taken the time to read and sometimes review my stories apparently. On a side note, I thank all of you who do review ^^ You have no idea how much your words (and occasional helpful advice) mean to me! But if you're a rare person who's only read one or two of my stories and is now checking out my lovely profile, then I hope I haven't disappointed you so far and that you take the time to explore my rather varying gallery below. You might find yourself surprised by just what pairings attract you! :D That aside, let's get back to business. I'm in college, studying to be an art teacher actually, and can be found cosplaying quite often, whether it's throughout the weeks or on weekends. But we'll get to that in a few. I adore anime/manga, my favorites varying from Death Note (quite obviously) all the way back to Sailor Moon (manga only!). In my free time I hang with friends, like any normal teenager, and am trying to hit up more conventions now that 10 months out of the year I'm in my dorm room and have more time to myself LOL I can be very cold hearted when the mood suits me, but at the same time am loyal to those who I love and cherish. It's fair game to say that I'm somewhat of an outcast sometimes, save for when with my friends and fellow anime fiends; after all, how many bisexual, Pagan, cosplaying, yaoi loving and government hating people are all that welcome nowadays in society? ^_^ But hell, my friends like me the way I am, and so do I, so I have no reason to change ;) Hmm...well, I live in Kentucky, have since I was a kid. My appearance is up for constant change, due to my cosplaying, but here's the basic look on a normal day: scruffy hair (at the moment black), pale skin, green-hazel eyes, claw-like fingernails that have earned me quite a bit of infamy, and a good height of 5"7. Often enough I've been mistaken for a guy, not that I really mind; it helps with cosplay, and I can tease people when they learn I'm female! But yeah, I'm usually dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with converse/boots, though due to my various taste in clothes you'll see me in anything from a paisley dress to pleather pants and a corset XD I have several fetishes, which include bondage, food-play, clawing/biting, and adore sadomasochism. And you guys wonder why my BBxKira stories are so twisted? ;) Ok...let's see...cosplaying! My first cosplay was Yagami Raito/Kira, and once I get a brown wig I shall reclaim that mantle once again. But nowadays my typical cosplays go as followed: Poison Ivy, in Formal, Leotard and Rebirth (see my Deviantart for examples), Gunshot Matty, a play off Matt/Mail Jeevas from Death Note, Death the Kid (I even have the guns/skateboard!), Beyond Birthday, a title I'm reclaiming due to my grown out and now appropriate scruffy hair, and yet again Raito/Kira from DN. I even once did Prince Zuko, though I gave that cosplay to a friend, and Princess Serenity...never again btw. That was too much sissy girliness for me XD My FUTURE cosplays will be the following, for now: different versions of Poison Ivy, Lydia from Beetlejuice (I'm excited for that one!), Shion from Higurashi, Asura aka the Kinshin from Soul Eater, Mystique from X-Men, and waaaayyyy down the line maybe even Sailor Saturn and Amane Misa, the former being more likely --ALRIGHT, now here's a list of my favorite couples. An * besides the couple means I've written it, and a + means I plan to in the future Death Note: BBxKira, LightxL, MattxMello, LightxMello, and the rare BBxMatt+ Code Geass: SuzaxLulu* Harry Potter: HarryxVoldemort* and HarryxDraco Danny Phantom: DannyxVlad* Avatar the Last Airbender: Zutara, (stupid Kataang pyschos; Zutara all the way!) and AzulaxKatara* Vampire Knight: KanamexYuuki+ Labyrinth: JarethxSarah* (duh!) I've written it in the past, and likely will in the future Power Rangers: TommyxKim* and KimxLord Zedd+ --Ok, people have often wondered about when certain BBxKira stories of mine took place, so I made you guys a time-line! Same rules as above btw. * means I've written it, but this time a + means it's in the works or is a definite future work >RAITO MEETS B+ -- RAITO LEAVES BB* --BB CHECKS ON RAITO -- RAITO COMES BACK -- BBxKIRA JOINT CRIME+ -- RAITO DIES+ This is but a vague outline. Several stories of mine fall in between certain scenarios, and many will in the time to come. But remember, the + stories are either being written as we speak or definitely will be ;) Take a guess which one I'm working on first! :D --Contact information: if you wanna chat with me, or just see what other psychoticness I'm up to, you can find me at these sites too:
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