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    Honestly... I'm never quite sure what exactly to type when I write Bio's. I can never think of what it is exactly that people want to know, and I probably wouldn't be able to think of anything interesting to tell them even if I did. But I shall do my best! X3 Never give up, never surrender! And all that jazz! Okay, let me think for a minute... I suppose I could start by telling people the few things about myself I DO find noteworthy, though that is based on a very loose definition of the word, you understand. Completely up to interpretation. So, here goes! 1) I suppose... something interesting to mention would be the fact that peacocks hate me. Seriously, I am not joking. And the feeling is entirely mutual, you must understand. One of my grandmothers has a petting zoo near her house, and the one animal they let outside the cages to wander around in the paths is, you guessed it, peacocks. Just my luck. The last three times I've been there, I've gotten chased, cornered, and attacked by the bloody things, and I'm nearly of the mind to take a rifle the next time I visit. The last time I went there one of them actually BIT me. Now, I've got to ask, who the hell gets bitten by a PEACOCK!? WHO!? 2) Um, lets see... oh, my one true talent that I am honestly proud of. Ever seen that movie "The Master Of Disguise"? A bit lame, I know, but I thought it was hilarious when it first came out. What can I say, I was young then, and stupid. However, thanks to that movie, I now have a party trick. The guy who plays Pistachio (can't remember his name in real life) does so many characters during the course of the movie, and that leads me to this odd talent of mine. Aside from his impression of George W. bush at the very end, I can do all the other voices he does. My favorite is the turtle. I actually had a teacher who looked exactly like turtle-him... he even had the weird pointy lip and everything. Okay, I'm getting a bit off subject... focus, girl, focus! 3) This next one isn't actually something interesting about me... but it's something I like to vent often, because it makes me feel better. Okay, so I'm in an art class, right? And my art teacher pretty much hates me because even though I can draw things in other styles... I prefer cartoons and anime. Picky bastard. Anyway, we have a very complicated relationship. But here's the thing. My art teacher looks just like the Walrus in "Alice In Wonderland." I kid you not. He's overweight, bald, and has the same bristly mustache. Pretty much all he's missing are the tusks, and when he puts a paintbrush in his mouth... that's debatable. He even has the laugh for it. His laugh is one of the scariest things I've ever heard, it sounds so retarded it just sends shivers up my spine. Makes most of his students shudder. But every time I go into his art room, I feel like a little clam bouncing to it's doom... And yeah... that's my life, in a nutshell. Hopefully I didn't scare you away with all my rambling. But, since I'm on a fanfiction site, I suppose I should tell you a bit about what I'm going to write, neh? Prepare yourselves:D First off... I am an official YAOI FANGIRL. That means I love fun, fun, fun, man-on-man, homo-fucking-sex galore. Get it yet? If not... you will soon enough. I love fluff, realistic, and hardcore yaoi, and eat lemons for breakfast lunch and dinner. And yes, in case you were wondering, I do squee. Now that that's out of the way, I guess I'll tell you about a little quirk of mine. In every series I read, I find that there's one... occasionally two characters that I completely fixate on. Now, I know everybody's got a favorite character, but I take it a little beyond that. I'll read pretty much any pairing in the series, so long as my character is in the main pairing. I'm perfectly okay with side pairings, but if my boy isn't in the main one, I'm not really interested. I suppose that's a bit close minded of me, but that's just the way I am, and it's not going to change any time soon. With that said, I'm just gonna list off the different series I'm into, and tell my fixation in each. I list them from my favorite to least favorite. SAIYUKI - Sanzo and Konzen (One of my rare pair fixations, though technically they are the same person, and I do like the Shuei x Koumyou pairing as well) DEATHNOTE - Light/Kira (Same person, two names, whatever. I still say he should have won...) FINAL FANTASY VIII - Squall Leonheart (Okay, a game instead of an anime. Gotta love it though... Leon in Kingdom Hearts) DESCENDENTS OF DARKNESS/YAMI NO MATSUEI - Asato Tsuzuki (The first series I ever collected! Yay! XD) LOVELESS - Ritsuka Aoyagi (Beautiful art and script... and Ritsuka is just too damn cute to resist!) FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST - Edward Elric (Literally the first manga I ever read... still near and dear to my heart. ) GRAVITATION - Shuichi Shindou (First truly yaoi manga I read... what really got me into it all!) HARRY POTTER - Harry Potter (Cliche, I know... whadaya know, the title and name match...) YU YU HAKISHOU - Hiei Jaganski (Honestly haven't gotten the chance to explore this series that much... but I love it just the same!) KINGDOM HEARTS - Sora (My favorite video game of all time... I've beaten both games on hard! Can't wait for the third!) FAKE - Dee Laytner (OMG! I LOVE THE 7TH BOOK! Why? Lets just say that when you buy it, it's wrapped in plastic... hehe...) DRAGONBALL Z - Vegeta (Lame... yes, I know. But I think everyone goes through a phase of being obsessed with this anime...) YU-GI-OH - Katsuya Jounouuchi/ Joey Wheeler (SHUT UP! o///////////O I can feel your scorn...) NARUTO - Naruto, Iruka, Jiraiya (No, I am not a narutard, the series is okay... and, surprisingly, I have three favorite characters...) GUNDAM WING - Heero Yuy (The only anime I like that my dad actually enjoys too... ah, father daughter bonding, gotta love it... not...) PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN - William Turner (Will is my favorite, though I only really like him paired with Jack...) BLACK CAT - Train Heartnet (I tried to resist, but Train is just so CUTE! I can't stand Eve though...) D. N. ANGEL - Daisuke Niwa (The title confused me for the longest time... then one day, I just got it.) And... that's about it. I love you if you share some of the same pairings as me, and if you don't... uh, sorry? Anyway, I really enjoy writing, and I'm gonna try and write fanfiction for at least my top six... But honestly, I'm a lazy bastard, so don't hold your breath, cause you'll be waiting a long time for updates and stories. I'm going to try to update once a week, and not start another story until I finish one, but it'll probably be closer to a month. Just gonna mention, when I write, the stories are LONG. I mean EPIC people. I can do drabbles, but I probably won't unless someone asks me too. And I like reviews, but I don't demand them. Now... on with the fandom! XD Stories I Have... COMPLETED!! Define "Compatible" - Deathnote Pairing: L x Raito Okay, this is going to be my first one-shot, and a humor fic at that. Basically Raito and L are forced to sign up for a dating service, and get paired together. They don't like each other, so they go to a different service, but it just keeps happening! What are they supposed to do when everyone thinks they're compatible but them? Blossoming White - Deathnote Pairing: Raito x Near (Odd, I know... mostly shonen-ai, nothing too explicit) Near was always the youngest, and therefor, the least important. He had four genius older brothers after all, what was so special about him? But for the first time in his life, Near had something that belonged only to him... Stories I'm Currently Working On A Matter Of Profit - Saiyuki Pairing: Gojyo x Sanzo 5 x 3 A modern AU, mainly a humor piece with a bit of eventual romance thrown in the mix. Chapters are hell-a-long, and may not update as frequently as my other stories. (This story is kind of on hold right now due to lack of inspiration and new obsession with death note fiction. Sorry, I'll try and get a chapter out sometimes, but it might be a while!) This Black Lamb - Deathnote Pairing: L x Raito An alternate reality piece, with eventual romance, but mainly psychological. Will eventually deal with the idea of global warfare between the Death Notes. Quidam - Deathnote Pairing: L x Light A total AU fic loosely based on the amazing movie Stardust, with the song and title Quidam there just because the song suits it so well. Light would make a wonderful star, don't you think? Singing Through The Silence - Deathnote Pairing: L x Raito Whelp, slight change of plans with this one. I was originally going to try to make it a one-shot, but Nilahxapiel convinced me to make it a three part multi-chapter fic. So, for my first one-shot attempt, I'm going to have to think up something else. Was originally going to put "hostage" in the title somewhere, but I changed my mind. That should give you a little hint to some of what it's about. Stories I Plan To Do (These will be on hold for a while so I can work on the stories I have out already. But I'm getting them plotted out for the writing, so you shouldn't have to wait too long! ) Roses For Red Eyes - Deathnote Pairing - B x Raito (YAY! My newest obsession. ) Sachiko Yagami has finally had enough, and on Raito's third birthday, she finally makes the decision to divorce Soichiro, no longer being able to deal with work being more important than family. Growing up in a more chaotic city environment, Raito has come to be quite the juvenile delinquent, an image that is only strengthened by his red eyes that predict death. So when he sees another wandering around with the same blood red eyes, a man with the initials BB, he can't really be expected to leave him alone, right? Please, this is Raito we're talking about. Guiding The Dreamer - Deathnote Pairing: L x Raito No Deathnotes or Shinigami in this story. Raito is out of college, but has quickly become bored with life. On a whim he answers an add in the paper looking for a highly qualified individual to serve as a tutor to three young boys. Raito's hardly expecting to be shipped off to England, but more than a match for the three brats he finds when he gets there. And what's this about choosing an heir? Chance XIII - Deathnote Pairing: L x Raito Okay, my reason for doing this fic... I really thought it'd be fun to write a fic that had my pen name as the title! XD YAYNESS! I SWEAR I'M NOT ON CRACK! Raito is a thief, and has sent a direct challenge to the detective L to try and catch him. Their are thirteen priceless "Shinigami" sculptures in the world, all made by the same mysterious artist. If L can catch him before he steals the thirteenth statue, he wins. If not... Valiant - Deathnote Pairing: L x Raito Weird as this sounds... this AU was actually inspired by the movie Mulan, but that's all I'm giving away. And don't worry, when it comes down to it, THEY ARE NOTHING ALIKE. SO NOBODY CAN SUE ME FOR COPYING DISNEY. Yeah... will be out in a while, since I'm not sure how long the chapters are going to be. The Kingdom - Deathnote Pairing(s): B x Raito, L x Raito Kira is an exclusive cult that has been causing some trouble in the underground. L sends B in to get some information, but B needs an insider. Raito, an involuntary member, may be their best chance at dispersing the deadly cult and finding the secrets of their mysterious 'Deathnotes'... Countdown - Deathnote Pairing(s): Namikawa x Raito, L x Raito Based off the movie 21. Still working on developing the plot a bit more, and I've already changed it up a bit from my original plans. Raito has been a card counter all his life, Soichiro actually having taught him blackjack at a young age. An adult, he's moved to America and gotten a team together, intent on taking LA by storm. But in return for funding some of his less legitimate pursuits, the casino's have a deal with L. They pay him, he catches the card counters for them. But L's being stumped by a newcomer that the casino's come to call Kira- why? Because he makes the perfect kills. The Dogs Of Hades - Deathnote Pairing: L x Raito Based off the manga Yami No Matsuei/Descendants Of Darkness. L, upon his Death, becomes one of the Guardians of Purgatory, dealing with all matters of supernatural origin. Taking on a Shinigami upon his completion of training, he becomes bonded to Ryuk, ironically enough. His first case turns out bigger than he could ever imagine, and when dealing with something as dangerous as a rogue demon, he may have to enlist the help of old acquaintances, both from the living realm and the dead. However, it all becomes more complicated when both him and Ryuk run into a face they never thought to see again, a face that might have the answers that the case needs... One Last Fairytale - Deathnote Pairing(s): L x Raito, B x Raito AU All his life, Raito has been able to see Shinigami, ghosts, and all the fey creatures that roam the world, unknown to humans. However, he has always done his best to ignore them, because if he notices them... he has no doubt that they will also notice him. And nothing good can come from catching the attention of the unnatural... or can there? The Hand Of The Devil - Deathnote Pairing(s): B x Raito, Onesided L x Raito B never lived through his attempt to burn himself alive at the conclusion of the BB murder case. But instead of going to heaven or hell, thanks to his eyes, he becomes a Shinigami, though he quickly grows bored with the monotonous existence. Instead of Ryuk, B is the one who drops his Deathnote to the human world. Descending once more to Earth, B is delighted to find the note in the hand of Yagami Raito, the only individual in the world capable of taking on L himself. And with such a wonderful, interesting, irresistible boy before him, how is B supposed to resist the pull of a humanity he never even felt in life... Broken Glass Slippers - Deathnote Pairings: L x Raito AU Raito and L meet as young children enrolled in the same school. Raito quickly develops a crush on L, but has his heart broken, causing a quick transfer and later move, and leaving L feeling guilty as hell. Years later, they find themselves once again enrolled in the same school, but while L remembers his painful rejection of a young boy, Raito doesn't remember L at all. Determined to once again win Raito's heart, L does some digging, and finds Raito's life isn't as perfect as it first seems... a sort of not quite Cinderella story. Among The Hidden - Deathnote Pairing: Raito x Mello (O o Shocking, I know.) Raito sees something he shouldn't relating to a large drug case involving the Yakuza, and with the trial coming up, has faced and barely survived a few attempts on his life. Finally enrolling in Witness protection, he's sent off to England, and made to pose as a pastor in a small church near a mysterious orphanage in the country. Raito isn't particularly interested until he strikes up a friendship with a blond boy that visits the church at night. But unfortunately for him, he may not be out of danger yet, with his testimony being more damaging to crime syndicates across the world than he could ever imagine... The Bell Tolls - Deathnote Pairing: L x Raito Thirteen tolls is all it takes... survive through it, and maybe you'll get your second chance at life. But the real question is, what will you live for? (I know it's cryptic, but it's hard to explain. Suffice to say it's a fic about rebirth and new beginnings, k?) (Just to tell everyone, I've got a Teru x Raito and a Raito x Matt fic both in the making, but haven't gotten far enough to have a title or good enough summary yet.) P.S. I've completely thrown my code of finishing one fic, and THEN starting on another out the window, so yeah. What story I update at what time will sort of depend on my mood. I guess... maybe. I might be persuaded to do a specific one if I'm sent on a serious guilt trip, but other than that, unlikely. Oh yeah, I've noticed over the past few weeks that my ideas for stories are really starting to pile up. As nice as it is to have lots of ideas, if I get many more, I'm never gonna get to all of them. But, at the same time, I can't stop myself from thinking up stuff, since plot bunnies are my life's blood. So, I've decided that, if anybody is interested, I will be giving away some of my other ideas before I fall too much in love with them. I've given one away to Rue Ryuuzaki, if anyone wants to take a peek and see what to expect, and the story is really turning out great, so I figured, what the hell? Just message me if you're interested, my e-mail is But, be warned, I'm only willing to give my ideas away to authors I think will do them justice, not to sound egotistical. So if you message me about it, I'll be taking a look at your work beforehand, and see if I think you'd be a good owner for my bunny. If not, I won't be rude about it or anything, I'll probably just say that I don't think any of my bunnies would be a good pet for you. Yeah. Anyway, message me if you're interested, I'm running out of cages. = = OR... You could just go to the site Plot Bunny Exchange by Nilahxapiel and myself, where we're posting and taking posts on different plot bunnies (mainly for Deathnote, but might add other series later). Come take a peek at it, it's not done yet, but it's going really well!
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