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    I like to write original content. I do writing for fun and hope to expand it to something more. I draw 2D illustrations, traditional and digital. I also make 3D models in my free time and I'm currently trying to expand it into 3D artworks. I read mostly fantasy and romance or both together.


    Running Red: Lost Moon info - A while back, I wanted to expand this story into a series, and now I can. I've got more new characters and some old ones and ones that haven't shown up yet in the plotline. I've learned a lot and come far since I first started back in 2013. I hope you find this story as amazing as its older counterpart. For those that are wondering, I do have this story posted on Tapas. Each chapter is split into 2 parts. That said, it will be updating weekly. On here, it will be bi-weekly to keep up with the Tapas story. Or if you want to read ahead, it is on my Patreon, and I will update that weekly sometimes twice a week depending on how fast I turn out the chapters.

    Shade :) now known as Zey H. Wulf

    All stories end with a happy tone.

    My Stories:

    Pure Life - Posted Complete

    Dark Light - Posted WIP (Work on Pause)


    Desert World - Rewriting

    Book 1: The Desert World - Posted WIP (on pause)


    Also I'm posting stories on (Edited versions) and Archives of Our Own (AO3).

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