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    I like to write original content. I do writing for fun and hope to expand it to something more. I draw 2D illustrations, traditional and digital. I also make 3D models in my free time and I'm currently trying to expand it into 3D artworks. I read mostly fantasy and romance or both together.


    Running Red: Lost Moon info - A while back, I wanted to expand this story into a series, and now I can. I've got more new characters and some old ones and ones that haven't shown up yet in the plotline. I've learned a lot and come far since I first started back in 2013. I hope you find this story as amazing as its older counterpart. For those that are wondering, I do have this story posted on Tapas. Each chapter is split into 2 parts. That said, it will be updated weekly. On here, it will be bi-weekly to keep up with the Tapas story. Or if you want to read ahead, it is on my Patreon, you don't have to subscribe you can also follow to get news about events.

    Shade :) now known as Zey H. Wulf

    All stories end with a happy tone.

    My Stories:

    Pure Life - Posted Complete


    Running Red Series

    Running Red: Lost Moon - Currently catching up with the other sites it's posted on. *Updates on Wednesdays every 2 weeks


    Also I'm posting stories on (Edited versions) and Archives of Our Own (AO3).

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