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    I almost forgot what it felt like when I was inspired. I have a tendency to get a little overwhelmed with ideas sometimes. When I am inspired plot bunnies breed like... well like bunnies. I am going to try and keep it somewhat under control so no story gets left behind. I have a few projects I am working on now and I thought I would use this profile to keep people who cared up to date on my progress.


    Starting a few weeks ago I decided to start posting chapters on a weekly bases.  I will be posting all new chapters sometime on Sundays.  Currently my plan is to go back and fourth between Smell of Submission and Blind Nymph.  You may wish to consider my other stories on hold until I have finished these two.  Honestly I am still working on all my stories, plus a few extra, but I am holding them back for the moment so that I can I am get something off my plate.  If I get enough of a buffer I may start posting two stories a week instead of just one, but we will see.


    I'm back again! Now that my laptop is fixed I have decided that it is time for me to start posting on a weekly basis once again.  I will be spending today getting my and profiles on the same up to date.  In the future I will be posting chapters to my own website one week before I post them here.  I hope everyone enjoys the new chapters and getting them on a more regular bases.

    Also I would like to give a special thanks to my beta Eclectic Pet for helping to make my work better.  She is a busy person with a full life just like everyone, and I’m honored that she takes time out to read and edit my work.


    I have been trying to update my stories on this site for the last few weeks, and I have run into nothing but problems.  Because of this I am quitting this site for the foreseeable future.  If you would like to read my new chapters you can still find them on my own website as well as the less risque ones on  I'll try back in a mon or so and if I am able to post again I will update my work.


    So I have finally been able to update on this site YAY.  I posted so that this site is on the same level as the other sites I post on.  Well all besides my own site which I always most a week ahead.  I hope everyone enjoys the new chapters and stories.


    Shame's Desire-

    Summary- Lord Malfoy is an important man in the Empire of Magic.  After the death of his wife it is his duty to take new bride.  Lady Weasley’s family is on the verge of having to sell their ancestral home.  Is she brave enough to follow her family’s wishes?

    Ships- Ginny/Lucius

    Rating- MA

    Sound of Submission-

    Summary: Just when he thought she would be completely his another player steps onto the field. Will this Master be able to match wills with the Great Harry Potter?

    Ships: Hermione/Harry, Daphne/Harry, Tracey/Harry, Cho/Harry, Ginny/Snape, Luna/Ron, Hermione/Nott

    Rating- MA

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