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    Welcome to my profile.

    I'll focus on the writing information since that's why we're all here. My online writing consists of HP-fanfiction, specifically the impossible pairing of Lord Voldemort and Hermione Granger. I also post stories on FFnet (same user name) and on GrangerEnchanted (under dax there). 

    Now, reviews and the replies to them. Ever since AFFnet opened their forum for guests for reading and posting, I created a topic for replying to reviews there.

    For my story "The Prisoner", you can find the review replies here:

    For Bittersweet, Masters, Apprentice and Victory follow this link for now: 

    If I got any announcements with regards to progress on the WIPs, I'll post them there, too. The Gold Puppet is a story I am writing together with Serpent In Red. We will get back to it once her muse is no longer holding her hostage for SIT and once I am done with Prisoner. Review replies to it can be found under the general review reply topic for now (second link). When we start on it again, we'll probably create a separate topic then since Serp has become a member of the forum now, too.

    For the Black Veil, go to:

    Enjoy reading!

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