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    Current stuff: Devil Inside - My first Yaoi original. And actually one of the first that I haven't done a sex scene within five paragraphs! I'm so proud of myself! Immortal Love - Seto/Jou centric fic - Rest is standard pairings. That one is on Kinda hold. I am going to finish it, soon as I figure a way TO actually finish it. Don't you remember - Fruits Basket Het story. Probably one of the main reasons I haven't finished it is a) I write too much yaoi right now to even think Hetero. Though currently the scene is where Haru and Rin are getting 'acquainted' aka tearing up the back. Will get to that, and the rest of it. Draconic Diamond - Have already begun researching some of it. Plan on giving Joh and Chisato (Bors) some pretty sweet motorcycles, in lieu of them having horses. Still trying to decide if I should have it start in August or earlier or later. The Avalonian Empire ~ Part two - This one, I have thought of beginning up again. It has been two years since I completed Avalon, though I still want to get it published, though I have no idea how. Any ideas would be wonderful and can be emailed to me. ------------------ ♠ ----------------- My forums are: s14.invisionfree.com/Valkyries/index.php? if you wanted to drop me a line Also my deviant http://tatianasaphira.deviantart.com/ I have some of my drawings. Website is www.blessthefaerie.com Email to be added to the update listing for any of my stories is: updates@blessthefaerie.com

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