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    Name: Mihael A.K.A (Most used): Mello and Kitten (No one is permitted to call you kitten but me!) Age: 19 Birthday: December 13th Hight: 5'7 Weight: 115 lbs Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue Gender: Male (I've been tricked! I thought you were female this whole time! Just kidding!) Favorite Food: Chocolate (Uh that was obvious.) Likes: Matt (Yeah, you better put me first, Mello), Yaoi, Shounen Ai, Shota, Anime, Manga, Drawing, Writing, J-Rock, Roleplaying, Computers, Games, Vampires, Japanese, Angels, Demons, and Flirting. Dislikes: Stupid People, Hackers, Flamers, Homophobic People, Art Thieves, Plagerizers, Chatspeak, Overreactions, Small Children, Insanely Clingy People (I'm not insanely clingy, right?! -clings-), Writers Block, and Being Ignored. ----------------------- Name: Mail A.K.A (Most used): Matt and Puppy [As you said about the kitten thing, only I can call you puppy. Anyone else shall be shot.] Age: 19 Birthday: February 1st Height: 5'6 Weight: 115 lbs Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Green [Perfect for Christmas~] Gender: Male Favorite Food: Cigarettes? [...That's not a food, Matt.] Likes: Mello [Damn right I'm first!], Yaoi, Shounen Ai, Shouta, Anime, Manga, Video games, Reading, Roleplaying, Computers, Music, Vampires, Japan (and it's many wonders~), Demons, Mihael~ [Wooo~ I'm here twice~] Dislikes: Idiots, Homophobics, Hackers, Raito [...bastard..], Misa [Ahahah! Stupid B-beep-h], Flamers, Drama, Cheaters/Thieves (of all sorts), Chatspeak, People that touch me that AREN'T Mello [No one better touch you.], Being Ignored. News: Chapter two is currently 3/4ths the way done at the given moment, though, that's not including editing and whatnot. We're not sure when it'll be complete, since Mihael is being a butt and not doing his share of writing right now. *sigh* Oh well, it'll be up when it's done. Oh, one more thing. We tend to update on before here on AFF. So, if you don't see updates here then be sure to check us out at FF., under the same pen name.

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