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    Just a humble inhuman sex enthusiast who has finally decided to put his works up on this site. I say Inhuman instead of Monster because I can go with just about anything. Animals, monsters, robots, angels, demons...whatever sparks my interest at the time. I will admit, there is nothing more erotic to me than a nubile young female losing her chastity to something that make most people run screaming into the night...and it's even better when she wants it, but I've been known to make the inhumans female as well as male. At any rate, tentacle enthusiasts will be slightly disappointed with me since I don't really like writing about them. I do on occaision, but there's just something about two warm bodies being pressed together in an erotic embrace...especially is one of those bodies is slimy...or scaly...or furry...or rotting...or chitonous...*ahem* Anyway, enjoy my stuff if you're into this sort of thing.

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