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    My pen name is C.P. Miller.  I don't check my e-mail often and seem to have an attention span only slightly greater than a goldfish so updates are few and far between.  Still, I love every review and coming back and find new ones always revitalizes me.  ^_^

    People on here are so much nicer than most other sites I post on.  It's quite a relief, and I'm very thankful to whoever or whatever is responsible for that.

    Hmm...this is supposed to be a bio.  Let's see...

    I'm in my late 20's.  I've been writing stories since I was quite little and more "adult" stories since I was in my early teens.  I have a few fetishes of course, and I am strongly against kink shaming.  As long as no one is getting hurt (more than they want to be), and there's no permanent injuries or harm occurring, then anything goes in reality I say.  In fiction.  ANY thing goes is my opinion.  I believe censorship of any kind is an exercise in futility and ultimately only fuels the things it's trying to stop. 

    Erm, I've gotten away from me again and started talking about other stuff.

    ^_^' sorry

    Let's see.  Other things about me. 

    I have a cat.  Her name is Fancy and she is well...sort of an inverted calico.  That is to say, her base coat is white and she has patches and streaks of dark gray and light brown.  She likes to hang out on the back of my chair, and I love her to bits even if she is inbred and thoroughly derpy.  I am a shameless video game addict and playing games is one of my biggest obstacles to writing.  Oh, and I am a japanophile and a francophile, both to minor degrees.  Hmm, maybe I'm a xenophile as I like many other countries and cultures as well.. Still Japan and France top the list.  I'm studying Japanese so I can watch more anime and not have to worry about finding a version with decent subs.  Eventually, I would like to also learn French, German, Spanish, Mandarin (Chinese), and Russian.  Not necessarily in that order.  We'll see how far I get. lol

    hmm...what else?

    Oh, I like all kinds of music.  Used to be all kinds except country and rap, but then I heard Brad Paisley and an ex convinced me to listen to Eminem, and I just expanded from there.  I don't always like all of Eminem's lyrics, but the artist is not their art, and I'm getting off topic again.  The topic is me.

    Bleh, I suck at talking about myself. 

    I like puzzle games, rpgs, jrpgs, farming games like Harvest Moon, shooting games like Earth Defense Force and Left For Dead, and all kinds of stuff.  Anime, I'm a little pickier on.  I like things that are intense, not so much slice of life stuff and high school dramas, though there are a few exceptions.  I mostly enjoyed Ouran High School Host Club and I loved Princess Jellyfish (I think that was the title).  My favorites though are things like Ghost in the Shell (Original, I really don't care for the new anime at all and haven't seen the new live movie yet), Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Seven Deadly Sins, and shonen in general.  Dragonball was way better than DBZ in my opinion, particularly after the Cell saga ended.  It really suffered, eh hem, back on topic.

    Let's, anime, video games...there's not much else to tell that I feel is appropriate for a bio, so I'll leave it at this.  ^_^

    I'm on Discord more than anything else these days.  Please feel free to add me Tangwystle#0735

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