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    Hello Potential Readers and Fellow Writers, My name is Michele and I am a yaoi fangirl. Nothing makes me happier than two boys sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! Among other things… many, many other things. But I digress. In the beginning, I read. And squealed. And read. And giggled. And read. And vaulted for the tissue box before my compulsive nose bleeds could ruin my laptop. Then, I beta’d. Same process as above, just with the occasional correction here or there. And then, I wrote. Sometimes, after reading as many stories as I have read, you realize that you aren’t reading anything new. You start to get bored, disappointed and start exhibiting symptoms similar to withdrawal because your now needed dose of yaoi isn’t being met. And so I decided to try my hand at writing. The result? If I thought I had an addiction before I was sorely mistaken. Plot bunnies are little rabid demons from hell. They look all cute and innocent and you just wanna give them a little pat and the next thing you know their sharp little teeth are clamped around your fingers and shaking them spastically around doesn’t do anything but make you look stupid. And so I write. To date, I have written ‘For the Love of His Son’, my first… my baby, ‘The Demilitarized Zone’, my current pet, a couple of oneshots and a collaboration with my twin, Phantomsnow, entitled ‘All the Small Things’, doctors are HOT! Coincidentally, I still squeal and giggle and occasionally pinch my nose… but now, well, now I only hope that my writing allows you all to do the same. Thanks for reading! Michele On to business: Favorite pairings: OBVIOUSLY Sasuke and Naruto! I can never say no to Draco and Harry. And because one day I was bored, The OC’s Ryan and Seth. (I must have a thing for blond and black haired boys… sighs… giggles… blushes…) I can also be found at ff.net under michelerene. Why the difference you ask? Because somehow I forgot my password as 'michelerene' on this site and had to come up with another. Oh and because I live to be difficult. Sorry. Special Links: Trulywicked has created a wonderful comic of Sasuke’s inner three year old. I adore it. Click the link, read it, review her wonder! Ah… please. http://ninjatoadsatemybaby.deviantart.com/art/Sasuke-s-Inner-Child-73793797

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