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    I am a person who loves to express myself through writing, and have been enjoying reading stuff on aff.net for a long time. I LOVE male/male pairings and Yaoi-Con! The reason I joined aff.net is because I write a lot of original-fiction PWP drabbles. So I decided to join so I could share them with people. Since though, I have found myself writing more fanfiction... Pairings I like: Harry Potter - Harry/Draco; Ron/Draco, male!Blaise/Draco; Hermione/Draco; Harry/male!Blaise Twilight Series - Edward/Bella, Bella/Alice, Jacob/Bella, Jacob/Edward Anime/Manga - DN Angel - Daisuke/Dark Loveless - Soubi/Ritsuka; Soubi/Ritsu; Ritsuka/Yayoi; Ritsuka/Seimei Ranma 1/2 - Ranma/Akane; Ukyo/Ryoga; Nabiki/Kuno Inuyasha - Kagome/Inuyasha Death Note - L/Raito aka Light Fullmetal Alchemist - Roy/Ed; Ed/Winry etc. Future pairings I hope to write (too many!): Chronicles of Narnia - Peter/Edmund! Elisabeth Musical - Death/Elisabeth and/or Death/Rudolf (This musical is amazing. I love the 2005 Vienna performance, with Mate Kamaras as Death. Check it out on YouTube!!) A BIG THANK YOU OUT THERE TO ALL MY READERS AND REVIEWERS! :D Love you!

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