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    ok. So this is my first for writing on AFF and it wont be my last. I have had many different names including bluelovesfluffy so expect it to change. Im a beta for two people on AFF. I also need a beta who doesnt mind my crappy stories. if u wish to be my Beta. Im a yaoi fan through and through. I also like het, I read it from time to time. Im very sadistic in writing. Im not apart of Happy Author donations, but I want to be. Also I thought it was pretty funny when I read it at the end of one of Prpl Grls fics. I love the Twilight Saga. Reading is my past-time. Music is my life. I am absolutely WICKED [agree or die]. im a fan of anything really. im a big fan of NaruSasuNaru NaruGaara GaaraSai, etc. basically anything yaoi. tho i do still read the other anime groups these are just my favs.

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