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    Name: Kelly

    Age: 34

    Occupation: SAHM and college student

    Obsessions: Harry Potter... don't judge me, monkey...

    I first started writing when I was fifteen. My story worlds were my escape from school, as I usually wrote during Math and Science. I stayed up for a week straight working on my first story. For two years after I finished my first story, it was my habit to go to bed at 6 am then get up at 6:30 for school. I had a total of 268 stories on my computer with countless notebooks filled of handwritten works. Unfortunately they have been lost.  A lot of my work is purely original but as stated above, my second focus takes place in Madam Rowling's world.

    In my Harry Potter fanfics, I usually write with Hermione as my main character. I somewhat identify with her in being a bookworm and social outcast at school. As such, I tend to subject her to my whim, quite brutally sometimes. I refuse to pair her with Ron as a main pairing. It just doesn't seem right to me. I frequently pair her up with Severus or Remus, occasionally Lucius. Sirius often appears in my stories because I like his character. I will never write about Hermione being paired up with someone before she turns seventeen unless it's a "flashback" because I do not condone pedophilia.

    Some of my friends swear that I have no life... there are many times that I agree. I'm still working on balancing my love of writing, my schooling, and my family. I have the privilege of calling five heathens my children. I love them more than I love my husband. Don't tell him that...

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