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    I'm a nerd. That's all there is to it. N-E-R-D. If anyone wants to email me, it's


    A little introduction into the mind of a lunatic .-

    In real life, I have a ridiculously dry sense of humor. It can also get rather morbid... '^-^

    I like to tweet funny sayings and insults.

    I spend 80% of my free time reading/writing fanfiction.

    I spend the other 20% playing video games and watching anime... love me  mah bishies!

    (In reference to the above, housework and exercise does NOT count as free time, regardless of what other say! By jove, that's WORK!)

    I am a writer, pure and simple. It's in my soul. Music and poetry, stories and memoirs - all of it.

    I love learning different languages. At the moment I speak two, and am working on two more.

    Rain brings me so much joy that it is nearly painful, and thunder can just about throw me into orgasmic bliss. (There is absolutely NOTHING like a a thunderstorm in the desert.)

    Winter is my favorite season. I love the smell of woodsmoke in the air on a frigid morning. I love watching the world die, and then witnessing the rebirth bare months later. I love watching the glittering snowflakes dance their way to the ground.

    I love the moon. The emotions I feel when I see a full moon border on celestial. I love cloudy nights, when you can barely see the moon's light through the clouds.

    I love seeing mountains in the distance, and knowing that an escape from the hollow mass of soul-sucking covetous wraiths is only a few hours away.

    I love children. I love teaching children, I love playing with children. I love their purity, and feel heart-wrenching despair when they lose that innocence. Children don't deny the existence of divine creatures, fey realms, unicorns and princesses because they grow up. They stop believing in the impossible because we "adults" discourage them.

    Music is more personal for me than anyone that I know. I am DEEPLY affected by it.

    My religious beliefs are simple enough. (Contrary to the belief of all my friends, I do NOT think that GACKT is God. Very close, but not quite.) There is not a single religion out there that has it right. There is also not a single religion out there that has it wrong. They are all right and they are all wrong. God is universal. It doesn't matter how or where you worship. It doesn't matter what name you assign to God or how many times you multiply Him (or Her) to create more. God is God, and He is in everything. Help - not hinder, and love - not hate. Respect all life and do not cause unnecessary harm. THAT will get you to your Celestial Gate.

    Judgmental attitudes. No one is better than anyone else simply because of race, gender, religion, weight, or sexual preference. (or in my brother-in-law's case, species, *haha*.)


    "Whole animal" meals. At Thanksgiving, I cannot see the bird at all. If I can tell what it was when it was alive, I can't eat it.

    I do not like MOST people. Don't get me wrong, I have quite a large circle of friends. I am just very picky. It really doesn't take a whole lot. I just look for those who possess remarkable acceptance. You don't have to like it, just accept and respect it. Oh yeah, and you have to pass the "no drama" test. I HATE gossipers.

    Okay, okay. I have taken up enough space for one section. Enjoy my work. Enter at your own risk, and with an open mind...or you may never be seen again. It's a jungle in here.


    Oh, and just a thought: I review MOST of the stories I read (like, 7 out of every 10!) It really helps a lot with the confidence factor, and encourages authors to keep writing. If we're not getting reviews, how will we know if we're doing it right? Or if there's something wrong? If we're not getting reviews, we'll think our plot is dead and move on to other things. Seriously. It takes five seconds to type in "Its good" or "You suck" (Though I really hope you'd be nicer than that! O,o)


    Seriously, you're being entertained free of charge! (And remember, reviews make author happy, and happy authors update faster! That being said, this is in NO way a threat. I'm not so petty as to withhold chapters if  I'm not getting reviews. That's just crazy talk right there. Okay. I'm done. I'll get off my soap box now!)

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