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    I'm Alena. I'm a twenty-one-year-old girl. I like watching the city lights, boy-on-boy action, and bondage. That says enough about me, right?


    I guess I could add that I love Courage the Cowardly Dog, I'm a Slytherin, I like blonde girls and brunette boys, and despite my avid fasination with sex, I am a true and blue virgin. Just sayin'...


    I'm generally around, and have constant access to my email, so if you really want to get in touch, leave your name, email, and whatever else you'd like at I'm on twitter, and if you really want to follow my blog, they're random insights into my life, and if people really want me to, I can alert to updates from there. I also created a deviantART... Not that anyone cares...

    Go. Now. If you want... *beep!*

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