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    **UPDATE 12/25/10: I went away for a couple of years but now I'm back! For all of you that still follow my Final Fantasy VII stories, please expect a new chapter for "First Class" on January 8, 2011. (Damn, did it really take that long to update?!) For those of you that still have hopes for "Animal Instincts", I'm doing some major revisions on it and then adding another 20 pages so don't expect that until the end of January. Side note: I'm in desperate need of a new proofreader so if you're interested, please e-mail me at ** Err... I like yaoi? Hmm, it's... aw, hell! Screw this! I enjoy singing in the shower and long walks on the beach. I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy VII, Inuyasha, and original slash stories. My room is littered with huge piles of books and Heise/YanaGoya pictures line my wall. For those of you who are a fan of Sesshoumaru/Inuyasha pairings, I'm sure you know who YanaGoya is... One of my favorite characters of all time is Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. Even though he was written out of Square Enix storyline, he'll live forever in my heart-- and stories!

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