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    I am a young divorced mother of two (which explains why I'm sex deprived and writing adult fan fics ;) LOL!). I love manga, anime, and Japanese language/culture/food/etc... I have just started writing adult fan fics, my first one is titled "Honeymoon" and features my two favorite characters from Fruits Basket. I enjoy writing about my favorite characters in scenarios that the true author could never actually publish in the manga (even though I wish they would). My goal when writing is to provide an enjoyable reading experience by staying true to the characters and making the relationships seem real. If you have any suggestions or requests I'd be happy to consider them, especially on more obscure manga titles that aren't already in the database (I've read over 210 series). The only things I am against writing are: rape, torture, bestiality, incest (as in blood-relation, not adoption), adults with little children (20 or older with 13 or younger), and yuri (since it really does nothing for me). I have no problem with yaoi if it fits the characters. Please feel free to contact me on AIM. I would really like to get to know more people who share my interests.

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