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    I'm a just turned 34 Las Vegas Native, and I have a huge penchant for writing Guy on Guy action with some BDSM thrown in to spice things up. I read far more fanfiction than I write these days, but when the inspiration strikes, I still happily write and post.

    I am also here to educate and inform the general female writing population about a common misconception, which also happens to be My number one all time BIGGEST Pet Peeve. The Prostate. I still wish to find the person who started this particular misconception and throttle them for starting an ignorance wildfire, hence my attempts to start extinguishing it.

    Ladies, THIS is the prostate:

    It is NOT a bundle of nerves, It is NOT located in the anus or colon, it is NOT a nub, it's not even remotely close to being small, and just like men don't have a clit, women do NOT have a prostate to stimulate while receiving anal. (Yes I have read some fics like that.) It's the organ that makes seminal fluid (The clear stuff or 'precum' that moves the semen out of the guy's testicles and through the penis.) and is usually about the size of a guys balls, if not bigger. If you are feeling bumpy things you are either stimulating the seminal vesicles instead, or the man needs to see a proctologist and get screened for prostate cancer ASAP instead of having sex right then. The prostate is about as sensitive as a woman's clitoris,(hence the endless comparisons to what women have between the legs I'm sure.) and if you are a woman who has ever had the misfortune of having your clit stimulated too hard or too much, or even landing wrong from a fall, now you know why I wince every time I read about a guy getting slammed repetitively in the prostate as hard as possible. The anus is also not the only way to stimulate it. It can be reached from the base of the cock, and the area under the balls before the anus. There's also a secondary way to stimulate it with penetration if you are brave enough to write about sounding.

    So now you know, and can adjust your writing accordingly. Just because you are writing fanfiction doesn't mean you can get away without doing any research. Realism is still very important, and you completely give away that you haven't done any research when you make glaring errors like this and then spread it around like it's gospel. If you were writing for a publisher they wouldn't take you seriously if it was obvious you did no research.

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