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    Hello! My name is Lomonaaeren, pronounced low-moan-ah-AYER-en (or at least that's how I say it). I'm a writer of, at the moment, mostly HP slash, and probably eventually genfic.

    Most of my stories are Harry/Draco, with the exception of a few Harry/Snape and Harry/Snape/Draco stories. I also have one James/Sirius, one Ginny/Luna, and one James/Scorpius. I tend to vary widely in terms of theme and genre; I've written horror, humor, pure romance, fluff, action/adventure stories, mysteries, and others. My stories tend to rely heavily on magic and on the psychology of the main characters.

    At the moment, I have more than twenty complete novel-length stories, many novella-length chaptered fics, a great many one-shots, and seven WiPs. Most of them don't need to be read in any particular order; however, I do have some series.

    The Frames of Mind series (read A Reckless Frame of Mind first, then A Determined Frame of Mind).

    The Intellectual Love Affair series (A Potion Named Desire, An Alchemical Discontent, and A More Worldly Man is the order in which they'll make most sense).

    The 'Two Hunters' series, about Draco as a vampire ("Mongoose" comes before "Viper," and "Viper" is followed by 'The Long-Desired').

    I also have two werewolf stories; read 'Rejoicing in Their Strength' first, then 'Eyes That Can See in the Dark.'

    The Running to Paradise Trilogy goes in order from Soldier's Welcome to Ceremonies of Strife and then Seasons of War.

    My Fox and Wolf series has three stories up, "The Mark of the Fox" and Wolf in the Making, both complete, and Loup-garou, the most recent. It will have one more.

    My Eighth Year Professors Series has five one-shots up: "Kinesthetic Learners," "Lessons Returned," "Speaking Lessons," "Teacher by Example," and "Schooled." It will have one more part.

    The Cloak and Dagger series is a mixture of one-shots and longer fics about Harry and Draco being Auror partners, hunting Dark wizards called the twisted. The order is "Invisible Sparks," Hero's Funeral, "Rites of the Dead," Sister Healer, "Working With Them," This Enchanted Life, "Letters From Exile," Writ on Water, "Evening Star," The Library of Hades, "There Was Glory," A Reign of Silence, "Dictionary of Losses," and Mansions of a Monstrous Dignity (the current WiP). The series updates every Wednesday, and after the current WiP should have two more one-shots and one more chaptered story.

    My regular WiPs, usually updated once or twice a week, are:

    A Black Stone in a Glass Box: Harry performs a ritual to keep the world safe from Dark Lords, at the small cost of his heart. Draco intervenes, mostly because a muted Potter is so much less interesting than a passionate one, and Draco has a boredom problem.

    Easy as Falling is technically the prequel to one of my one-shots, "Charming When He Needs to Be." Probably one of several prequels, for now it talks about how Harry proclaims himself Dark Lord and he and Draco ally. Harry will become a Benevolently Snarky Dark Lord in this one.

    Here To Live and Die is the third story in the Hurricane trilogy, about Harry, Draco, and the Weasleys as colonists on a magical planet called Hurricane. (It follows Reap the Hurricane and Wondrous Lands and Oceans). Here, they are settling into their new world and learning how to live on it.

    The Only True Lords has an AU version of the battle between Harry and Voldemort where Harry accidentally bonds himself as Lord to several Slytherins. This includes Snape, upset at being a slave once more; Draco, reluctantly grateful to Harry but pissed about the bond; Pansy, who tests the limits of Harry's authority more than the rest; Blaise, who intends not to let the bond affect his life; and Goyle, who is traumatized from Crabbe's death and needs more protection than the others. Harry will hopefully become a good Lord, but there's lots of pitfalls along the way.

    Irregularly updated WiPs:

    Sympathy for the Predators, my Harry/Lucius, has been stalled for a while now because of plot and tone problems, but has only one chapter left.

    Heraclitean Fire, a horror story. Harry knows he only has about two weeks to live due to the Withering Curse. Clearly this is the time to investigate an ancient house belonging to Draco's family that possesses secrets capable of destroying them both. This will be nine parts. I don't currently know when I'll manage to write the next chapter.

    World in Pieces is gen, where Harry is pulled into a different universe by a desperate Order of the Phoenix whose Harry Potter has died. It has a mentor relationship with Snape and a past relationship between the AU's Draco and Harry, but no pairings in the main story. This one will be 24 chapters. It's been stalled at 15 chapters for quite a while, but it should be updated with Chapter 16 on Thursday, May 23rd, and every other Thursday after that.

    Nothing Like the Sun is a Harry/Draco story where Harry, having dated numerous other people in the past and failed to please every single one of them due to his looks, mental issues, and lack of skills as a lover, has decided that one-night stands with Muggles are his future. Along comes Draco to change all that. This is updated whenever I get a chapter completed, and will probably be somewhere around nine or ten chapters.

    If you'd like to contact me, I hang out on my LJ quite a lot, and I'm also open to e-mail.

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