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    Hello everyone.  It has been a long time since I have made an appearance.  I am a 100% disabled Navy Veteran of the United States armed forces, so with my physical and mental disabilities, life has been difficult.  I wish in some ways I would not have pulled certain fanfictions from this website because I lost all of my positive reviews in the process, but my family insisted I needed to publish professionally at some point and I had nothing to work with at the time than the fanfictions I had published here.  With my disabilities and suffering over 47 years of horrible abuse and I am currently 49 as of my birthday in August 2021, when nearing half a century old in 2022 you would think people would give us all some semblance of peace even with social distancing.  I social distance most days anyway because I live pretty much as a hermit in my home other than doctor's appointments and needed shopping now that my young adult son James and I have moved to Georgia.


    We are in an area that is not a flood, tornado, or hurricane-affected area in Georgia.  I once lived in the midwest parts of America, but my son and I needed to leave our lives behind in the west to move forward.  It still is a struggle for us to be here in this new place with no family around us and I have no friends because I rarely feel safe leaving my home.  Sometimes our biological families and the humans surrounding us are not healthy for any of us.  There is nowhere for us to go other than where we are since running from problems solves nothing although avoiding people is not the worst thing in the world.  For a Leo sun sign and Scorpio moon sign Manticore Mermouse, I lick my wounds and try to heal my burnt-out soul.


    I removed certain stories from this website to attempt original fiction with them, but only some could be used in such ways while others need to remain in fanfiction for all eternity.  Therefore I spent a lot of time editing especially a certain favorite story of my readers here, Getting Lucky.  I now have a best as I can do on my own edited version of this story.  I cannot afford betas and I am on a fixed income so I have limits with many things.

    The stories I published professionally as original can be found online through my website address if you are interested in these books although in all reality they probably also belong here in fanfiction.  I am not turning any profits although my Black Butler now original The Demon Heart Series is the only one doing anything at all which is not saying much.  Critics are everywhere and always assume the worst of people before bothering to know them at all.  I would pull those stories to return them to fanfiction as well, but for the sake of a few loyal readers and fans, I keep those where they are for now.   It will probably bite me in the ass eventually to put my birth name as a pen name on my published books, but I hopefully can afford to change my entire birth name to something I want rather than what was forced on me that no one gets right.  I am not even a true Jones and neither is my son since his Dad was adopted with the birth last name Saunders as his true genetic Father's last name.  It was too expensive and too much of a pain in the ass to change my name, it is on all my military documents, and although I am divorced now life seems to try to haunt me in the worst ways still.


    My first name is just as it is spelled, Margie with my middle name also exactly how it is spelled, Eileen.  My maiden name was Carlsen and no one could spell it right either.  I have pretty much given up on having anyone not add letters or subtract them from my first name and they always spell my maiden name wrong too until I correct it.  Therefore, I would prefer to be known as just Conquest.  I wish to be a future apocalypse that hasn't already happened yet.


    I created the majority of my cover art for the now original books online myself after attending college to learn digital manipulations and graphic art.  I have attended five different colleges and although I passed my classes, I was unable to finish my degrees due to physical and mental trauma as well as the fact I was a full-time single Mom to my son James. Before my divorce, to a very abusive man for 20 very long horrible years, I often had to be a single parent to my son while also serving in the Navy.   Anyway, this is a long enough biography for anyone so I hope a few of you will once again enjoy my Getting Lucky story and other tales.

    I will also eventually return the once fanfiction Love Everlasting story for my Inuyasha fanfictions that were once extremely popular here once again so old and new fans can find them.  If you want a response from me, email me and I will get back to you.  I do not wish to go over the entire policies and procedures of how to respond properly to every review I received from my reader fans. 


    My Love Everlasting story really is meant to be fanfiction much like Getting Lucky.  20 publishers wanted my Love Everlasting original manuscript, but no one would help me edit it properly and it bombed badly as an original story.  The tragic ending to the original  Love Everlasting series that no one wishes to give a chance was all thanks to an absolutely horrible review of it.  Some random reader who did not even read past the first chapter claimed because there was Japanese terminology between Japanese main characters in Love Everlasting, that American English was not my first language.   I had to do the editing on my own for my books, I am disabled, and I have no money for marketing anything due to my income.  I speak and write in fluent American English because I was born in the United States and I defended this nation in the Navy dying twice for this country with medical science and the will of the universe bringing me back to life. I find that review to be very offensive and it hurt everything I tried to accomplish as a published author, but I was not looking to become a bestseller anyway.  I just wanted people to like my stories and enjoy them as they are. 


    I hope all of you who read my stories can do that, just enjoy the free fanfiction and not make judgment calls or steal these stories from me claiming them as your own.  Please respect the authors of fanfictions too because we do work hard to give you a good story to enjoy and if you do not like what we write, just move on please without adding to the negativity that is already hurting our world.

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