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    Hi there! I'm Silvia I like anime and manga, and I'm in a few fandoms (animanga and others), but I'd never written anything till I read Daeth Note. Dunno why... so I'm quite new as a fanwritter. I LOVE yaoi and slash, think yuri is ok and very sweet, but not very sexy, and het is just boring in my oppinion(sorry), but I know a good story is a good story no matter what gender it is. I'm from Spain, so English is not my first languaje. It is possible I have some gramatical errors. Sorry! But if someone wants to be my beta so I could fix them ... it would be awsome Oh yes, I also draw fanart. I'm not the best but oh well... I have some of my drawings at my DeviantArt Gallery ( or my Yaoi!gallery (
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