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    Yo all you happy Fanfiction surfers! I'm new to the Naruto scene (as with most things I arrived late ;) and that's what I'm posting for now. I like writing AUs involving SasuNaru, NaruSasu, SasuNaruSasu, NaruSasuNaru, SasuNaruSasuNaru (You see where I'm going with this? XD) I'm a long time reader with sparse writing urges. Now that I've finally got my ducks in a row, I've decided to give in to those horrible plot bunnies and posted something. I hope some people will read and enjoy my stories! Anyway, I like tasteful Yaoi, HATE Uber-Uke-Naruto. And I won't stand for anyone bashing my stories because the characters are gay. It's stupid and won't be tolerated. Name: Grindell, as in the horrible man eating monster from Beowulf. (what does that tell ya? :eats yaoi flamer:) I like classic literature. Shakespeare too. Might write some parodies on Shakespeare sometime. Betas: el-gilliath from livejournal and KFegari from (love you guys! XD) Age: 19, almost through with being a lowly teenager. Sex: If I said I was male, would you believe me? Lol, sadly I'm just another fangirl. Animes: Naruto, Ouran High School Host Club, Death Note, Ranma, Inuyasha Other stuff: Avatar, Harry Potter, House MD, Doctor Who, Simpsons
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