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    I love stories that are written with the intent of exploring a new facet of a character and how it relates to the other around it while preserving the core of that character. OOC-ness destroys the core of the character and the reasons why we fall in love with them in the first place! I love fics about Saito and Tokio though there are few out there. I love fics about Aoshi and Misao as long as Misao is in character and so is Aoshi. I like Kenshin fics but don;t normally hunt them down since the author was kind enough to wrap it up nicely between him and Kaoru. I LOVE Squall! But i love him best with Rinoa...why? Simple: You save the world you get the girl! Don't mess with the pairing! Saito and Tokio...Squall and Rinoa...Han and Leia... don't care about any other pairings but don't mess with those! (jump off my soapbox) I don't know why you're reading this for I will probably not create any stories for this site. I am no good at writing adult material. There is something about writing adult material that eludes me...I can't get it to sound natural or as exciting as I've seen many authors on this site...*sigh* One of these days! TTFN

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