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    Updated Aug. 25, 2011

    1. Been around 3 years before I joined in 2007. 

    2. Still don't like that you have to sign in before you review.

    3. Never thought I'd see the day I'd be on a site like this...who knew? But I enjoy the stories.

    4. Born in the early 70's & enjoys anime, sci-fi, fantasy AND a good action movie.


    Recommended Reading:

    Harry Potter Universe:

    1. Closet Skeleton...'The Hogwarts Express', 'Care to Explain?' (too funny) & 'He's Not Worth It'...and a favorite author

    2. Yucatan Handbook...'Things Have Changed' (one of the saddest H/D stories out there)

    3. bluehearts...'Last Words' (a very sad H/D story, which is very much worth your time)

    4. Dhvana...'Gone Awry' (what do you do when your dream home tries to be the death of you???)

    5. Danie-dell...'It's Just Hormones... right?' (teenage boys & a fight for sexual dominance)...Incomplete

    6. Lucilla Darkate...'Painted Colder' (a story that is like a mystery) & 'All the Sincerity of a Whore's Kiss'...just an all around good author.

    7. The majority of stories by Cheryl Dyson

    8. The majority of stories by Lomonaaeren

    9. Tas...'A Sinister Halloween' (well just about the hottest H/D holiday story I've read so far)

    10. Gloria B...'Never a Memory' (one of the best Draco-centric stories written)

    11. Sakya...'Veela Inheritance Problems' (the best Veela story ever written, everything else is second)...Incomplete :-( 

    12. Ariande...'Mind Meld'...Incomplete

    13. jamie2109...'A Certain Kind of Memory' (pull out the tissues because this will break your heart)

    14. dirty_darella formerly known as Dirty D...'A Tiny Little Full Blown Obsession' ( the scene of 'one night' stuck with me all these years)

    15. Jad...'Bad Faith'... (just an all around good story that goes in a direction hardly done by seasoned authors...oh and Clarence definitely steals the show in one chapter)

    16. Mrriddler...'Secret of the Male Veela' (the 2nd best Veela story out there-M/F)...Incomplete

    17. inuyoukai8...'Triumvirate' (a very well done Harry/Hermione/Draco centric story, with Harry as a dark lord)

    18. petalsoft...'What a Witch Needs' (another well done Harry/Hermione/Draco story, with Harry as a no nonsense dark lord)..with sequels.

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