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    12/11/10: Helixion's prime story has come to a close! The old chapters will be uploaded offsite and linked to here someday.

    Finally repaired all the freaking spelling errors in another story, Artemis Fowl(thank you, firefox).

    I've decided to use this space to catalog the details for my work. You'll see what I mean.

    Artemis Fowl: 100% Prior update, spelling errors corrected and slight scene modification, 0% next chapter.

    Digimon World DS: 100% Prior update, 0% next chapter.

    Dresden Files: Collapse to your Needs: Completed. 2018 - taken down by choice.

    Ecstasy of the Mind: 100% Prior update, awaiting requests to proceed with next chapter.

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Completed.

    Helixion: Updated *SEX!* 12/31/10. Completed.

    Lunar Knights: The last terrenial: Completed.

    Mega Man Star Force: 100% Prior update, 11% next chapter. Progress underway as of 12/31/2010.

    Pendragon: 100% Prior update, 0% next chapter. Ideas formulating for an update as of 6/29/08, but still on the back burner.

    Pandoras Suffering: Updated 1/21/08. 100% Prior update, 0% next chapter. REWRITE OF CHAPTER ONE IN PROGRESS, as of 6/29/08.

    Revenge, how sweet thou art: Completed.

    Ranger:Warmth: Completed.

    Ranger: Shadows of Almia: 100% Prior update, 1% next chapter.

    Soul Eater: Whatever it takes. Completed.

    Twenty-nine seconds to the end: Completed.

    Non-sex stories: Contra Supreme Confidence: 0% next update.

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