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    The shittiest part of trying to write a good sex-fic is staying on task long enough to get anything done.  You get a great idea for some porn, start writing it, get so turned on that you have to snag your spouse or etc etc to take care of business, or just outright come while you're writing and then it's like, DAMNIT, the muse has gone on vacation, done with sexy ideas.  Apparently the best time to write porn is after you've gotten all the juicy ideas out and on paper, then wait till you feel like shit and sex is the furthest thing from your mind, so you can actually focus on the punctuation and sentence structure.   I've been writing win/win on and off for a decade now.  There are a lot of half-finished parts that make sense in the long run (to me), but I try to add more connecting bits to bring some sense and plot to the porn when I am able to.  LOL.  what a mess.  a fun, messy, sexy mess.  Also, sorry not sorry about the weird places my smut goes.


    This is an alternate account I use to post my very NAUGHTY stuff. :P If you found your way here actually looking for more, then I feel it's okay to direct you to my normal (not-very naughty) penname, Alesyira ("homepage" link will take you there). Generally speaking, I write IY fics, with a more recent-ish development of YYH xover, but these few tidbits of writing just feed my awful kink for OTHER STUFF. XD I don't know why I feel so bad posting this stuff to my regular account... oh, right: too many of my close family/friends know my regular penname, and one (or all of them) might have an aneurysm if they discovered I'm into stuff *this* perverted. X3 Divergence is an alternate final-battle ending to SatMW, with some minor changes to help it sit as a stand-alone PWP.

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