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    1/2/2012 Welcome to 2012!

    As most of you know, Empathic Adventures has been the one to get my full attention. I've got a beta, Eclipse2025, who's helping me with that giant project. Harem is near the end. I've enjoyed writing that one.  For those who don't like the use of the dubbed names and the Nelvana version of the Anime, my suggestion for you is not to read my fics because that's what I use. I consider the Nelvana version and the original Japanese version of Card Captors as two different time lines. Just to even further distance myself from the traditionalists, I will also be using characters from another author that I've gotten permission from in these Card Captors fics (Josh Karthing and Wulf Drumhilde). I thank Whiteshirt for letting me use them. Since he also used the poorly dubbed version for his stories I do the same since their names aren't the traditional Japanese named characters. It wouldn't make since to use names like Josh and Wulf while using the original Japanese names in a story. I'm not here to win any popularity contests...,I'm just here to post stories.

    List of shippings I support: SonicXSally BunniexSentinal (my character) KnucklesxSonia LeexSakura MadisonXJosh (Whiteshirt's character) MeilinxWulf (Whiteshirt's other character) TorixRubyXJulian (An interesting threesome that Whiteshirt came up with.) DariaxTrent JanexJessie DaricxAngel (Both of these characters are OC's in my Daria stories.) GohanXLily (another OC) AshxAnabel or AshxValdrade (and yet another OC.) GaryXSabrina (Don't ask me why this one.) BrockxSusie RyomaxSakuno SesshomaruxRin BeckyXTim(My OC) ChrnoXRosette OCs Lily of DBZ and Valdrade of Pokemon are from the mind of my sister user Kitsune_of_Fate and I have permission to use them. If you like Yaoi talk to her. Now, here are my stories!

    It is with much sadness that we learned of SSJ04MewTwo's passing in March of 2012.  He gave permission to J.-Francis-Marion to adopt much of his work.  In respect to SSJ04MewTwo, rather than have J.-Francis-Marion go through our normal adoption process where the story is transferred to the adopting author, instead we are having him post the stories new to his own profile.

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