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    I am a forty plus a lot witch by disposition, not nature.  I found fanfiction quite by accident, a happy example of where a Google search can lead!  Harry Potter was my first fandom.   Severus Snape certainly ensnared my mind; bewitched my senses.  Until I discovered this wonderful enclave, I had pretty much decided that I was crazier than Trelawney for imagining different versions of the stories I’d read, or what certain characters would be if certain things were different …

    AFF has proven that if I am batshit crazy – I am not alone.  I love this site for the stories and the amazing people I've "met" here.  I am never alone when there are new updates!

    I am not a picky witchy.  I will read almost any fandom, any pairing, any genre, given that the story is well-crafted. 

    Mercifully, my very first story, Ancient Magick, is gone; my own fault – but I will remember that Mary Sue character with great fondness for she earned me some IRL fanfiction friends who are very dear to me.  She brought together a klatch of coffee and Snape-lovers who I cherish!  She still lives in a little out-take that I managed not to delete.  

    Obviously, I love a good challenge, hence the weekly prompt stories. Faeries is growing by 1,000 word increments and I'm amazed at times that such, such, stuffs, emerged from my own imagination.

    I am a staff member for the site as well because I do believe that every little bit helps and if my few, feeble assists can help keep this site open and available for adults across the globe, then so be it. 

    Thanks for peeking into my world.

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