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    Hello. My real name is Shardy, and I am also Alchephiliac on FF.Net. My PenName here was actually a nickname Setine from LiveJournal gave me. So, I decided to use it. I guess my smut seems pretty decent for her to give me such an honorable name. Hee...^^;; Well, anyhoo, my speciality is HET and a few pairings that you'll probably see a lot of will be OrphenxCleao (Majutsushi Orphen), DarkxRiku (DNAngel), and CloudxTifa (Final Fantasy VII). I try to keep my smuttage as original and tasteful as I can get them, so a lot of my stuff is written for the more sophisticated smutphiliac. Typically, my smuts are one-shots, but not necessarily PWPs. At any rate, I hope you do enjoy my work here.

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