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    1. New updates for The Last Pure Human are finally up after a long hiatus. Chapter 39 and 40, put up on 2/12/15.

    2. I love writing, even more now than ever. I love finishing stories, and as such, I never plan to abandon one without ending it, even though the end might be a LONG time in coming. It's still coming, however.

    3. If you ever ask me a question through a message or comment and I don't reply, assume I didn't get the message (Not unusual for me, truly. I'm like the anti-christ of technology). I'll answer if I'm able. :-)

    My website, with the majority of my original writing, is

    I can also be found at:

    'Husbands for Peace' is at in the paying members section. Story now complete, but will remain on for a while yet before it will be available on my own site.

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