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    Hello everybody! I read exclusively Original and Harry Potter Slash on a number of sites and belong to a number of such groups. I love good plot in stories and a fair amount of angst. Insane Journal is my main writing account at the moment. All new chapters and artwork will be posted there first. I have ideas for 1 HP story and a few Originals. HP story is Top Draco/ Bottom Harry ( sorry Harry, gee...). *UPDATE*: I have a Beta now! Slashy Snitch is my Beta, check out her work:D *UPDATE*: "Golden Nuggets. (Original Slash List)" has been moved to the new "Lists" section *UPDATE*: Dec 02, 2008 I just found out that the Lists section was deleted. Golden Nuggets are gone. I posted this at the forum: Huge disappointment. *UPDATE*: Feb 05, 2009 I'll be putting some of my artwork there; watch me at DA if you want to see it :D *UPDATE*: Feb 24, 2009 I've been reviewing less lately because I started learning traditional hand-drawn 2d animation. Don't despair, I still read your excellent fics and leave five star ratings (only for the good ones, of course :) *LATEST NEWS*: Nov 01, 2009
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