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    What can I say? Hmm...big anime, video game and Manga fan. Some of my favorite series (of anything) would have to be: Yugioh, Sonic the hedgehog (both new and old gen), South Park, Supernatural, Tales of Namco series, Pokemon Special adventures, Magi the labyrinth of magic, One piece, Samurai Spirits, Dead or Alive, Starfox, and FMAB. 

    Am also a cosplayer. Needless to say I have a favorite character I cosplay from like every series ('cept Supernatural. Something about cosplaying that just doesn't sit right with me)

    Some of my top characters I love are: Ling Yao from FMAB, Kyle Broflovski from South Park, Alibaba from Magi the labyrinth of magic, Yuki Judai (Jaden Yuki) from Yugioh GX, Gold from Pokemon Special, Zoro from One piece, Nakoruru from Samurai Spirits, and more I probably can't think of at the moment. XP


    I love reviews but I won't tolerate bashing on my stuff.

    my email: Yousei_Tomoya@yahoo.com If it's up my alley; I love taking requests...be it fanfic or rp! (okay...that's if I can get my lazy butt going to do it) ^^; ASK ME! ASK ME! XP

    my fanfiction account: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/961452/Yamikochan (most of the pairings prefs I have are listed here)

    Other than that, I'm a dork, a writer, waaay too immature for my age, and proud of my stupidity dammit! ^w^

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