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    Well hello! I have returned and I'm trying to get chapters and sequels cranked out between working and sleeping a lot. Edit: Really, I'm going to finish Late, As Always soon! It's going to be a lemony one at the end, but it's hard to write slash when your man's looking over your shoulder saying, "DUDE why the hell would you write something like that?!" Nice way to put a damper on my urge to write. So, I promise, I'll send him away and start writing! Oh gosh. My apologies, guys. Between my computer dying and now having to purchase Microsoft Office 2007 (which I can't afford), my writing has been on the backburner. But! I promise, I WILL eventually get this done! I've got a drabble coming soon. Just a random humorous (I hope) Dating Game kind of scene. I love Final Fantasy VII (Sephiroth specifically *drool* I think I might get a full-back tattoo of him haha) and really RPGs in general. I like to write slashies, but occasionally I spit out a het or a quick drabble about random characters. Some of my particular favorites are Cloud/Zack POV Nibelhiem drabbles. Ooh, so angsty and wonderful. Anyway, off we go into the land of mansmut.

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