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    About what? I'm boring, don't ask about me! Updates: (not in any particular order) Strangest Things Chapter Overview: Danny Phantom try's unsuccessfully to tear a drunken Danny Fenton away from Dash, ending up in a compromising position of his own. Most Haunted Story In History Chapter Overview: A hysterical Dash manages to completely ruin his mother's Halloween party and affirm the public opinion that every owner of the Fenton mansion is, indeed, a crackpot. Meanwhile Danny Phantom has to deal with the sudden appearance of paranormal investigators in his home due to Dash's shaken emotional state and resistance to do anything personal for fear of a ghostly presence. Dash begins reading his cousin's diary and finaly learns his Great Aunt's name, as well as the location of the library. Photo Opportunities Chapter Overview: Danny continues to relate his tale of hardships after he reveals his secret to the world. Including Dash's visit to the new counselors office and the reappearance of Danny's old foe, this time with backup. On top of that, Ember has made a comeback as well and incites the mobbing fans into group fits of rage and violence, attacking Danny on school grounds when a student goes missing due to ghostly causes. The Guys in White intervene just in time to save him, but their intentions are questionable. Danny's stress levels rise another notch when his love life nosedives and his sister gets caught in the crossfire. Rivals In Love Chapter Overview: Inuyasha wakes to find himself alone and betrayed, not willing to wait for his assailant to return for another dose of temptation he attempts to flee. Kouga returns to the cave and encounters Sesshoumaru, who knows everything! To make matters worse Kagome and the others arive and Inuyasha runs into Naraku. Asphalt(new) Oneshot overveiw: The Ghost Zone destroyed by the government, Danny lives his life in splendor next door to Vlad. But two years later, in a fit of loneliness and regret, he returns to Amity Park in the hopes of patching things up with his old friends, only to be commandeered by Dash and his buddy Kwan. Their intentions seem caught between prank and conflicting personal needs, but the highway antics are cut short when a driver attempts to ram them off the road! Now with an injured Danny and no cell service Dash and Kwan must come to terms with their feelings for their victim and think of a way out of this mess, before Danny slips away from them completely. Bleed like Me(new) Oneshot Overview: Dash is reshrunk by Danny Phantom for his continued bullying of Danny Fenton. However, before he can be unshrunk once more Jack comes up! Dropping the device in his panic Danny Phantom disappears, leaving Dash tiny and helpless. When who should he turn to but Danny Fenton. However it's discovered the Fenton Crammer is damaged due to the drop! Now Danny has to take care of a tiny Dash until his father fixes the device while simultaneously following Dash's brutal workout regime to pass the test, a task made just the tiniest bit easier after the escapade he'd just gone through. Silver Bells Chapter overview: Danny narrowly escapes Dash in a morning attempt to drive him to places unknown, arriving at school just in time for a ghost attack and getting locked in a teacher's bathroom with Lancer. Dash, bored at the rink after helping set things up, decides to unditch school and heads back for afternoon classes, hijacking Danny after school with Kwan's help and dragging him to the party. Danny, in a clumsy moment, sprains his ankle and gets caught at his house in a blackout with Dash. After several hours worth of shenanigans they fall asleep just a little bit friendlier towards each other. Free Game Chapter Overveiw: Sesshoumaru arrives at the Auction House to discover Inuyasha is not there. In a fit of rage he attacks one of the carriages currently leaving, sure one of them posses his brother, however the one he chooses doesn't have any hanyou with them, but rather information. Kagome assures him that Inuyasha escaped into the forests, but is unsure if he survived. Kagura and Rin are left with the two women while he goes on a hunt to discover the truth. Meanwhile Inuyasha is growing closer to Kouga, unable to fight the intense chemistry between them. However his former trauma prevents him from following his instincts and accepting the Alpha's advances, leaving them both confused and wanting. Toji, Ginta, and Hakaku try their best to give the conflicted canines room by convincing them to go on a hunt together. A hunt ending in an attack by the Auction House poachers intent of dragging Inuyasha back! I'd Be Better Off Chapter Overview: Dash watches as Danny and Kwan grow even closer, eventually coming to terms with his own feelings and the fact that he is too late to act on them. At the same time Danny is unsure of how to react to Kwan's sudden love confession and hopes to confide in the only person he can be sure would know Kwan's intentions best. Dash! How will the jock react to this new temptation? Elsewhere Star's abusive relationship with Valerie is discovered by Sam and Tucker. Rapier Chapter Overview: After a narrow escape and a good night's rest Dash and Valerie wake to find the brutalized heir they were hired to rescue, or put out of his misery, is a Tlishani slave! Valerie wants to slit his throat immediately, but Dash, remembering his grandfather's proud words, and perhaps maybe a bit mesmerized by the boys dark beauty, stays her hand. They would deliver him to Vlad, and let him decide the foreigner's fate. Along the way Dash helps the beaten young man recover, and discovers just why so many risk the Dark Lady's wrath to posses this exquisite breed. Prisoner to my Madness Chapter Overview: Vlad goes in to see Daniel after the Fenton Family's funeral, but cannot bear to look at him for fear of his resembling his dear old friend, as Jazz had resembled her mother. He leaves the hospital without even seeing him, only staying in town long enough to straighten legal matters out. However, months after the accident, relatives of the Fenton's succeed in winning a court battle over custody of Daniel, and Pull The Plug in an attempt to get at the money from Axion and the Fenton's life insurance. However the act shocks TPV into restarting the body and Daniel comes out of his coma right in the middle of his open casket funeral! Smartest Thing(new) Twoshot overveiw: Just days after Stupid so Stupid Dash realized the smartest thing he'd ever done was challenge Danny to that test, and Danny finds the smartest thing he's ever done was accept. The incident brings the two closer than anyone ever thought they could be, and a strange new development may just solidify it more. Danny's unique "irrevocable" status in the A-listers is used and abused when ghosts attack during school hours. Lesson in Forgiveness Chapter Overview: Kevin tries to survive the dinner party despite his utter hatred for everyone within it. Edd attempts to ease the tension while keeping Eddy from discovering Kevin isn't some broke special student. An unfortunate incident between Rolf, Sara, and Ed ends up with the dinner completely ruined and Edd devastated, snapping Kevin's last nerve who kicks everyone out and confronts the distraught geek. New Playmate Chapter Overview: Inuyasha sets up for Miroku to get attacked and Sango to watch, only to have the whole scene interrupted by Kouga, who thinks Inuyasha is in danger. Meanwhile Naraku, Kikyou, and Kagome discuss Inuyasha and Kouga's potential relationship with Sesshoumaru. Indentured Servitude Chapter Overview: Kagura wakes to find herself the sudden governess of two energetic and mischievous children. Inuyasha observes with a wicked humor as their antics run the former lady in circles, and Sesshoumaru tries to keep his distance from the lot of them, but still manages to stumble into a social mess when he and Kagura are caught alone together, setting fire to the hamlet's more cultured ears. Blood That Binds Oneshot overview: Inuyasha and Kouga finally come together to finish what was started. In the seclusion of the forest they will fight, until the last drop of blood has been spilled. Little Red Chapter Overview: Inuyasha and Kouga reunite at last, but on unstable ground. Kouga attempts to earn forgiveness, but Inuyasha is weary of his intentions. When Kouga finally gets the chance to return the book he digs up dusty nightmares of the past. (Each chapter description changes when the next chapter is updated. All Oneshot descriptions are taken down when the oneshot is posted) rin_flowers1986@yahoo.com.

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