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    When I am doing this Neji Story its not really writing about me like I normally do with Duo. I am actually writing about someone who I look up to and admire and believed deserved to have some story told about Neji cause he was neglected. For Naruto�s story which I guess is a nice big deal but I think there is a nice deep dark meaning to Neji�s life as well. That would be interesting to take a look into at lest for myself sometimes I wonder though If I was someone besides. Sasuke in this story maybe I�d be Kiba I have a lot of his ways I have a short temper and I often can get a bit growly and I swear a lot too also I love dogs. Sephanie POB: L2 DOB: 4/20/84 Name: Duo Maxwell Real name Duo Yuy Nicknames:Edward Edo Sasuke, ShushuNeko, Fave Animes as fallows In order of Charatures or because of Charatures in these Animes it make it my fave. Gundamw Wing... Cause of Duo, Heero, Quatre, Trowa and Wufei. FullMetal Alchemist (that I can't spell so I call it FMA haha) Anyways Duh I like it for Ed Roy Envy and AL when he is back in his human body yeah ops didn't mean to spoil it! Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children cause of Vincent Cloud and Sephiroth Sephies best for last. I Like Naruto for Sasuke Naruto Gaara or Sasuke and Gaara Gaara is just HOT and not cause he is Lord of the dessert haha. I LOVE NEJIIIII Inuyasha cause of Koga and Sesshomaru and Inuyasha. I Love Lord of the rings not Anime but still great story! I love Legolas Pippin Frodo Merry and Sam. Harry Potter: For Harry Ron Draco OH yeah I love Ai No Kishba as well or Taming Riki I have a 42 chapter story here on AFF. Called No Turning Back Gravition YEAH I wrote 2 storys One is called Pink Candy Neko the other is Called CRAZY. I love Yuki Ryuichi K Hiro Tohma. I play Shuichi ^^ PEACE Duo Yuy

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