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    IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR LITURGY, it is now available, revised, on Amazon. Buy it here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NF2MAGC

    Most of my work involves monsters, demons, devils, dragons or vampires, and their relationships with humans. They're often psychologically taxing, often on darker themes, and usually, very, very gay. I love eroguro, and I love BDSM. Sometimes together.

    Seriously, though, I can't explain in such a small forum just how much I like monsters.

    I specialize in extreme fetishes. Sometimes this is in consenting forms, and sometimes it's not. Nothing twisted that I write, whether depicted as consenting or not, should ever leave the realm of fantasy (not that all of it is even physically possible anyway) and having written something is not implicit of endorsement.

    Content I tend to cover in no particular order: Extreme watersports, cannibalism, necrophilia & snuff, exotic & inhuman genitals, strange equipment, sexual rituals & rites, cervical & urethral penetration, BDSM, dehumanization, medical play, needles & piercing play, oviposition, bloodplay, group sex, gokkun (both semen & piss), gutsfucking, ryona, abuse, bizarre sex stuff in general, presented in both frames of intimacy and love as well as the sheer opposite.
    (This list is hardly exhaustive)

    If you want to contact me, please email me- rather than try the forums here. I rarely, if ever, check them, and I also do not use social media. The Tumblr listed below is for historical reasons only. I may be willing to give out my Telegram or Discord. My email is michaelis.kristiansen @ gmail.com

    I am up for commissions more often than not. If you are working on some sort of erotica project involving extreme fetishes I am very likely willing to write something for it, just ask!

    I hope you enjoy my works!

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